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Guild Rules

  1.  General rules:
    1) Have fun - That's why we are here!
    2) Don't be an asshat and ruin someone else enjoying rule # 1
    3) You MUST be 18 years or older to be a member of the Angel's Discord server.
    4) Be respectful of others and their beliefs; if conflict arises take a step back and re-evaluate.
    5) No religion and no politics. We are here to get a break from the real world and there are other venues for this topics.
    6) Do not beg for credits or other items.
    7) Do not spam messages, such as repeatedly asking for an invite, or posting links to potentially harmful websites.
    8) Do not harass other members’ in DMs or otherwise.
    9) Do not disrespect our officers. We are here to help and make this place better for everyone. If you have an issue with an officer, message me directly.
    10) Do not record members without their consent.

    Some rules may be changed, removed and/or augmented pending need for clarification.

Alts, Recruiting and Guild Activity


  • Purges will be done as needed to maintain a healthy amount of gamers online.
  • Current log-in limit is being worked on but please log in on your toons at least once every 3 weeks.
  • Anyone that needs more time due to real life issues, there is an extended leave channel in the discord. You can be vague if your reasons are personal.
  • Currently, 10 alts are allowed if the members intend to use them. The guild cap is 1,000 members, so we will have to look at inactive accounts and maybe some unused alts. This is done to make sure we have a live and active guild.


  • Master Angel
    • GM - Currently, the GM on the Pub guild is Kevin, Impside is Doze and the alt guild GM is Ruby - this will change as more games come online.

  • Angel Council
    • Highest ranking officers in the Angel's community.
    • Sister and alt guild GMs

  • Senior Arch Angel
    • Lead Officers - Officer leadership, event leaders

  • Arch Angel
    • Angel's Community/Guild Officers

  • Angelic
    • Members who are also Discord/Nitro server boosters.

  • Angel
    • Members that have joined Discord.
    • This rank gets more guild repair funds (and more overall access to the guild bank)
    • Ability to summon using the guild flagship


  • Angel Intiate
    • Our newest members. This is the default, (non-discord members) guild rank.


All posted event times are in EST (coming soon!)

Mondays -

Ops Leader:

Contact Us

Please contact us with any comments, questions or concerns.


  • Doze@angelgamers.com

  • A VERY special thanks to Daisy @trishaaa for allowing use of her code.

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